Are you looking for a way to distinguish genuine Tart Optical eyewear from fakes? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Our guide will walk you through all the ways to ensure that your glasses are made by Tart—instead of just another counterfeiter.

From spotting signature design details to identifying authentic logos, we’ll help keep your eyes safe in style. So go ahead—take a peek into our ultimate guide on how to spot genuine Tart Opticals today.

What Are Tart Glasses?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Tart Optical brand, then attention to all fashionistas and eyewear enthusiasts. Get ready to indulge in the legendary world of Tart glasses – the trendsetting eyewear that has captivated audiences since 1948, all thanks to the visionary founder Julius Tart.

From its first frame, the Tart Arnel, this brand has been setting the style standard for generations. And when we say generations, we mean it. 

Over the years, we’ve spotted some of the biggest names in Hollywood and beyond sporting Tart’s iconic eyeglasses. From the iconic James Dean and the enigmatic Johnny Depp to the unstoppable Lady Gaga and the legendary Brad Pitt – everyone who’s anyone has rocked a pair of Tart frames.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: with such a devoted fan base, there must be a few copycats out there. But fear not, dear reader. Tart Optical has a few tricks up its sleeve to help you distinguish the real deal from the fakes. 

So, keep an eye out for their unique identifying features, and rest assured that your Tart glasses are the genuine article.

A person wearing the Tart Arnel Frame

The Different Kinds Of Frames

Before we can get into the nitty-gritty of identifying your frame, we first need to discuss the various types of frames. Whether you’re interested in a more modern and sophisticated look or you’re more into staying on top of the trend, Tart Optical has a frame that fits your profile. 

Here is a list of the frames you’ll find in our arsenal:

  • Arnel
  • Arnel 55”
  • F.D.R.
  • T-Round
  • Countdown
  • P3 Fulvue
  • Bryan
  • Ex-Man
  • Leading Liz

Each of these frames, except for the Ex-Man, also has a standard and low bridge fit to ensure everyone can find their perfect match.

Furthermore, you get to choose your manufacturer with some of the frames. Tart Optical handcrafts all their frames from the same material, acetate originating from Italy. But Tart manufactures some in the United States and others in Italy and ships the frames from there.

You’ll find many different colors to choose from for each frame. You’ll get a variety of colors from Glossy Black to Demi Amber or Smoke Grey.

Lastly, you have the division between the Optical Frames and Sunglasses. The optical frames have a clear presentation lens, while the sunglasses have a non-polarized CR-39 anti-reflective coating lens.

The Tart Optical Identifying Features

There are a few features that set your frames apart from all the rest. Let’s take a quick look at these identifying features. 


One of the easiest ways to ensure your Tart glasses are genuine is to look at the branding and specifications. For example, for all of the Italy clear lens frames, you’ll see the O.T.E. logo printed on the lower part of the left lens, with the exception of the T-Round frame. However, the frames made in the U.S.A. don’t have this logo. 

The proper place to look is on the temples/arms. You’ll find the logo on the right side temple, accompanied by the part number. On the left side temple, you’ll see additional details surrounding that specific frame, such as: 

  • The “Made In” or “Handcrafted in” place (either U.S.A. or Italy)
  • The material used (Which is always “Genuine Italian Material”)
  • A … number (E.g., 5 3/4 - F.D.R. Italy S.B.F.) 
A full view of the Tart Arnel Frame


Tart Optical frames are stylish and built with precision and care. Each frame is handcrafted using high-quality Italian acetate, ensuring durability and a comfortable fit for the wearer. The uniqueness of each model is evident in the small details and markings. Here’s what to look for when identifying your Tart Optical frames:

Size: All frames have the size engraved on either the frame back or the inside of the temples. The numbers represent the width of the lens and bridge in millimeters (e.g., 46 or 48 for the lens). Knowing the size of your frames can help you determine the specific model and ensure a proper fit.

Material: As mentioned earlier, Tart Optical makes all their frames from Italian acetate, a high-quality, durable material. The frames should feel sturdy yet lightweight and comfortable when worn. Look for any signs of inferior materials or poor craftsmanship, which may indicate counterfeit goods.

Uniqueness: Each Tart Optical frame model has its own distinct features, such as shape, size, and markings. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the unique characteristics of the specific frame design you are trying to identify, as this will help you confirm its authenticity.

Handcrafted: Genuine Tart Optical frames are handmade, meaning each frame is carefully constructed with attention to detail. Look for signs of handcrafting, such as neat finishing and overall quality, to ensure you have an authentic pair of Tart glasses.

Bridge: If you’re into measurements, then the bridge of the frame is one of your identifiers of choice. The low-bridge fit frames are 2mm higher than the standard bridge frames. Furthermore, the bridge width will either be 22mm or 24mm. 

By examining the size, material, uniqueness, and handcrafted nature of your Tart Optical frames, you can confidently identify the specific model and confirm the authenticity of your glasses. Remember these details as you explore the various frames and their identifying features.

The Tart Rivet Placement


Rivets are a crucial aspect of Tart Optical glasses, as they not only provide structural support to the frame but also serve as an identifying feature for each design. Tart Optical takes pride in the quality and craftsmanship of its eyewear, and the rivets are no exception. 

Here’s what to look for in the rivets when identifying your Tart Optical glasses.

Material: Real Tart Optical frames are made with high-quality materials, which also extends to the rivets. Typically, the rivets are made of durable metals such as stainless steel or brass, ensuring long-lasting support for your frames.

Placement: Tart Optical frames have similar rivet placements for all their designs but may differ slightly depending on your frame. Therefore, pay close attention to the placement of the rivets to ensure they match when identifying your Tart Optical glasses.

Design: The rivets on Tart Optical frames often have a distinct design or pattern that sets them apart from other eyewear brands. These designs can range from simple circular patterns to more intricate shapes or symbols. For instance, the Arnel frame has a unique “arrow-shaped” rivet. On the other hand, the F.D.R. frame features three small round rivets. Be sure to examine the rivets closely for any unique designs that can help you confirm the authenticity of your Tart glasses.

Consistency: Authentic Tart Optical frames will have consistent rivet designs and placements across all models within a specific frame design. This means that if you compare two pairs of the same frame, the rivets should look the same and be placed in the same positions. Inconsistencies in rivet design or placement could be a sign of counterfeit goods.

By paying close attention to the rivets on your Tart Optical glasses, you can better understand which frame you have and ensure that you own an authentic pair.

A view of the Tart Frame hinges.


The hinges of Tart Optical glasses are essential to their functionality and design. Tart Optical uses high-quality hinges that are durable and reliable, ensuring a comfortable fit for the wearer. Here’s what to look for in the hinges when identifying your Tart Optical glasses:

Material: Just like with the rivets, genuine Tart Optical frames use high-quality materials for their hinges, such as stainless steel or brass. These materials provide strength and durability, allowing the glasses to withstand daily wear and maintain their shape over time.

Construction: Tart Optical glasses feature carefully crafted hinges to provide a smooth and secure fit. All frame designs utilize a 5-barrel hinge if made in the U.S.A. or a 7-barrel hinge in Italy. Be sure to inspect the construction of the hinges to determine if they align with the specific frame design you are identifying.

Neatness: Hinges of original Tart Optical frames are neat. This means they don’t have any signs of overlapping glue and aren’t skew. These are an easy way to separate the fakes from the actual frames.  

Consistency: The hinges of Tart Optical frames should be consistent across all models within a specific frame design. This means that if you compare two pairs of the same frame, the hinges should look the same and function similarly. Inconsistencies in hinge design or construction could be a sign of counterfeit goods.

Examining the hinges of your Tart Optical glasses can provide valuable information to help you confirm the authenticity of your glasses. So, be sure to check it when looking at your pair.

The Tart Arnel in various colors.


The colors of Tart Optical frames are another critical identifying feature. Tart Optical uses high-quality Italian acetate to create a wide range of vibrant and unique colors, patterns, and finishes. Here’s what to look for in the colors when identifying your Tart Optical glasses:

Variety: Tart Optical offers a diverse selection of frame colors, including glossy black, tortoise, and honey, as well as more distinctive shades and patterns. Familiarize yourself with the color options available for the specific frame design you are trying to identify, as this will help you confirm its authenticity.

Depth: The colors of genuine Tart Optical frames are deep and rich, thanks to the high-quality Italian acetate used in their construction. Counterfeit frames may have colors that appear faded, uneven, or lack depth, indicating that the glasses are not authentic.

Consistency: The color of your Tart Optical frames should be consistent throughout the entire frame, including the temples and bridge. Inconsistencies in color, such as fading or discoloration, could indicate counterfeit goods.

Finish: Tart Optical frames feature various finishes, such as glossy or translucent. The finish should be smooth and evenly applied without any signs of unevenness, bubbles, or rough spots. Poorly applied finishes or inconsistent textures may signal counterfeit products.

Tart’s choice of high-quality material allows for vibrant colors and unique patterns. When identifying Tart Optical glasses, be sure to see if they match one of the various colors. 

In addition, they should have deep color saturation, consistent color throughout the frame, and an even finish without any signs of discoloration or rough spots. These details can help you authenticate your Tart Optical frames and ensure they will last through years of wear.

Identify Your Tart Frame

Reporting Counterfeit Goods

Tart Optical is committed to providing its customers with high-quality, authentic eyewear. However, counterfeit goods are an unfortunate reality in the eyewear industry, and it is essential to be vigilant in identifying and reporting fake Tart Optical frames. Here are the steps you should take if you suspect that you have come across counterfeit Tart Optical glasses.

Step 1: Identify The Frame

First, you’ll want to ensure that the frame is counterfeit. Here’s how to do that:

Compare them to its guide: Familiarize yourself with the unique features of each Tart Optical frame, such as the rivets, branding, design, and temples. If the glasses you have or are considering purchasing don’t match these features, they may be counterfeit.

Packaging and accompanying materials: Authentic Tart Optical glasses typically come with branded packaging and additional materials, such as a cleaning cloth, carrying case, or informational booklet. Counterfeit goods may lack these items, have poorly made packaging, or include materials with spelling errors or other inconsistencies.

Trust your instincts: If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious of significantly discounted Tart Optical frames, especially if you buy through unauthorized retailers or online marketplaces.

If you’re unsure if your frames are the real deal after following the above steps, contact Tart Optical directly.

Step 2: Report

Now that you’ve identified the frame and know it’s a counterfeit, it’s time to report them.

Report the goods to Tart Optical: You can contact the customer support team via email or phone on the Get Real page. It would be best to have the details of the suspected counterfeit product ready, including where you purchased them (a URL or location) and any photographic evidence you have.

Provide feedback to the seller: If you purchased counterfeit glasses from an online marketplace or retailer, consider leaving feedback to warn other potential buyers about the fake product. This can help prevent others from falling victim to the same scam.

By actively reporting counterfeit goods, you not only protect yourself and other customers but also help Tart Optical maintain the integrity and reputation of its brand. Always be vigilant when purchasing Tart Optical glasses, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the company if you have concerns about the authenticity of a product.

In Summary

Tart glasses have become increasingly iconic for their sleek, trendy design. Whether you’re looking for a simple yet bold statement or something more daring and unique, the variety of frames and features allows you to style the perfect eyewear for your taste. 

With all this in mind, we encourage our supporters to stay vigilant and report any counterfeit glasses that could detract from the quality of our goods. We must provide only the highest quality so everyone can enjoy its unique style, ultimate comfort, and longevity. 

So, if you’re searching for genuine Tart frames, visit our store today to find your perfect pair. You won’t be disappointed.


What is the difference between counterfeit and authentic Tart Optical frames?

Authentic Tart Optical frames are made with high-quality materials and reflect the design and craftsmanship that has come to be associated with the brand. On the other hand, counterfeit frames typically lack these qualities and may even include faulty components or incorrect branding.

How can I tell if a frame is an authentic Tart Optical product?

You can compare the frame’s features to its guide, look for branded packaging and accompanying materials, and trust your instincts. If you’re still not sure, contact Tart Optical directly.

What should I do if I find out a frame is counterfeit?

Report the goods to Tart Optical by providing details of where you purchased them and any photographic evidence you have. You should also provide feedback to the seller to warn other potential buyers about the counterfeit product. By actively reporting counterfeit goods, you help Tart Optical maintain the integrity and reputation of its brand.

Where can I find genuine Tart Optical glasses?

You can find genuine Tart Optical glasses on our online store. We provide high-quality frames with the latest trends and features, so you’ll indeed find your perfect pair. Visit our shop today.

How do I report counterfeit goods to the company?

You can email the customer support team on the Get Real page. It would be best to have the details of the suspected counterfeiter, such as the URL or location.