How To Identify The Ex-Man Frame

How To Identify The Ex-Man Frame

Greetings, fellow eyewear enthusiasts. You’ve got your eye on the Tart Ex-Man Frame, a true masterpiece that perfectly blends classic and modern design elements. So, it’s time to put on your detective hat and learn how to spot a genuine Ex-Man frame. Arm yourself with these trusty tips and tricks so you can strut around in style, knowing you’re rocking the real deal.

Riveting Rivets

Every Tart Ex-Man frame boasts a single “arrow-head” rivet on each temple and both sides of the frame front. These raised rivets don’t just sit there looking pretty; they add character to the frames.

Branding Bonanza

Exclusively made in Italy by Tart Optical, the OTE logo graces the inside of the right temple and the bottom half of the left lens. Talk about leaving a mark.

Delightful Design

The Ex-Man is like the Bryan’s cool cousin with its more rounded rectangular shape and broader lenses. Featuring a keyhole bridge reminiscent of the T-Round, the Ex-Man sports a six-sided trapezoid bridge shape. And let’s not forget the authentic 7-barrel hinge—if yours doesn’t match, you might have an imposter on your hands.

Stamp of Approval

Remember, Tart Optical only crafts Ex-Man frames in Italy, so watch for the “Handcrafted in Italy” stamp engraved on the inside of the left temple.

Size Matters

The Ex-Man comes in two sizes, but, alas, no low-nose bridge option. Instead, check the frame back to find the lens width on the left side and the bridge width on the right. Expect either a lens width of 50mm, bridge width of 24mm, and arm length of 146mm or lens width of 52mm, bridge width of 24mm, and arm length of 152mm.

Color Me Genuine

Tart Ex-Man frames come in three captivating colors:

  • Glossy Black
  • Smoke Grey
  • Smoke Brown

These frames don’t fade or come in two-toned varieties, so make sure yours is consistently colored.

And there you have it. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to spot a genuine Tart Ex-Man frame with confidence. After all, your eyewear should be as unique and authentic as you are.

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