Tart Optical Enterprises, Inc., was founded in New York City in 1948 by Julius Tart, an expert optician and legendary craftsman of iconic eyeglass frames. Throughout the years, his frames consistently reflect the fashionable demands of the high-end optical market while adhering to the most rigorous standards of quality and craftsmanship. 

How did this iconic design come about? After World War II, there was a shortage of essential materials used to manufacture eyeglasses. 

At this point, Julius Tart seized the opportunity to create a new optical frame using specific plastics and metals. The perfect combination of classic, comfort, and confidence. 

The famous James Dean wearing the Tart Arnel frame.

It sparked a new era of eyeglasses that many tried to replicate, but few succeeded. These unique eyeglass frames, like the TART® ARNEL®, were worn by Hollywood’s most recognizable stars and featured in numerous films. 

After 50 successful years in the eyewear industry, Julius Tart retired, transferring all of his ownership to Tart Optical Enterprises, Inc. Upon acquiring the storied brand, the new owners committed to TART’s legendary vintage styling, hand craftsmanship, and unparalleled quality.

Today, the new owners design the TART frames in California and have them handcrafted in Italy and the United States.

Each handmade frame is iconic, reflecting the brand’s original attention to design, sculptural details, and sophisticated assembly.

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