How To Identify The Bryan Frame

How To Identify The Bryan Frame

Ahoy, connoisseurs of contemporary eyewear. You’ve set your sights on the Tart Bryan Frame, known for its unique shape, refined appearance, and cinematic debut on Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But how can you be sure you’re getting the genuine article? Let’s examine the features that separate authentic Tart Bryan Frames from the pretenders.

Rivet Revelations

The Tart Bryan frame sports a single diamond-shaped rivet on each temple and the frame front. While the temple rivets are horizontal, the frame front rivets are vertical. This distinctive feature helps identify the frame, but keep an eye out for counterfeits.

Branding Basics

As an Italian-made frame, the Bryan boasts the famous OTE logo on the inside of the right arm and the lower part of the left lens. You might not have a genuine Tart Bryan if these logos are missing.

Design Details

The Tart Bryan frame stands out with its unique rounded rectangular lens shape, offering a more modern style. It also features a keyhole bridge with a slightly more rectangular design compared to other frames. The metal on the temples is visible through the material.

Manufacturer’s Mark

Since the Bryan is made exclusively in Italy, look for the “Handcrafted in Italy” engraving on the inside of the left temple.

Sizing Scoop

The Bryan frame comes in one size only, regardless of the fit. Find the size displayed on the frame back, with the lens width on the left side and the bridge width on the right. Authentic Tart Bryan frames will always have a lens width of 46mm, a bridge width of 24mm, and an arm length of 152mm.

Color Clues

Tart Bryan frames feature lighter colors that fade into transparency on the lower part of the frame front. Both fits are available in just two colors:

  • Brown Fade
  • Grey Fade

The Bryan Frame offers a unique blend of sophistication and modernity, making it a sought-after eyewear option for many. Identifying this frame involves recognizing its distinguishing features, such as the rounded rectangular lenses and faded frame colors. With this knowledge in hand, you can confidently sport your authentic Tart Bryan frames and make a stylish statement.

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