How To Identify The Leading Liz Frame

How To Identify The Leading Liz Frame

Hey there, style mavens. Are you on the hunt for the iconic Tart Leading Liz Frame? This elegant cat-eye beauty is a true American classic with timeless appeal. But beware of pretenders. Follow this handy guide to ensure you’re rocking the genuine Leading Liz and turning heads wherever you go.

Rivet Rendezvous

Like its Arnel, Ex-Man, and P3 Fulvue siblings, the Leading Liz rocks “arrow-head” shaped rivets. You’ll find them on either side of the frame front and in each temple. They’re raised to give your frames a bolder look while keeping it oh-so-stylish.

Branding Basics

Tart Optical makes the Leading Liz frame in the good ol’ United States. Keep an eye out for the OTE logo on the inside of the right temple. If it’s on the lens, you’ve got a faker on your hands.

Design Details

The Leading Liz is a limited edition gem and the only cat-eye design in Tart’s collection. Look for the distinctive upsweep on the outer edges of the frame front and the upward curve on the upper part of the frame. The bridge bulges downward but still flaunts Tart Optical’s signature keyhole bridge.

And let’s not forget the original 5-barrel hinge. If your frame has anything different, you might be dealing with an imposter.

Stamp of Authenticity

Proudly made in the USA, the Leading Liz frame bears a stamp reading “Handcrafted in USA - Genuine Italian Materials” on the inside of the left temple.

Size Up Your Specs

Whether you choose the low-bridge or standard bridge fit, Tart’s Leading Liz comes in just one size. It’s also the only frame by Tart Optical with these size specs. Look for a lens width of 46mm, a bridge width of 23mm, and an arm length of 135mm.

Color Clues

The Tart Leading Liz comes exclusively in glossy black. If yours is any other color, you might be staring at a counterfeit.

In conclusion, the Leading Liz Frame is the epitome of elegance and practicality in eyewear design. Keep an eye out for its key features to ensure you’re rocking the real deal. This sophisticated accessory is perfect for those who want to make a timeless fashion statement.

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