Get Real Tart Frames

As with many luxury goods, there is a global market for counterfeit TART products - indicated by their inferior materials, poor workmanship, and unsatisfactory fit and finish.

We vigilantly seek to prevent counterfeit frames from being manufactured or distributed by unauthorized companies throughout the world.  If you encounter suspected counterfeit products, please let us know by sending an email to and include a live link to the domain/URL, if possible.

As irrefutable proof that we are the one and only original “Tart Optical Enterprises, Inc.” the following is a brief list of our trademarks in the United States:

  • No. 3869604 - OTE Shield Logo
  • No. 5320009 - TART
  • No. 3859489 – ARNEL
  • No. 39554887 – F.D.R.
  • No. 6122156 – T-ROUND
  • No. 6122155 – COUNTDOWN
  • No. 6122153 – BRYAN

In addition, we own numerous trademarks in numerous countries outside of the United States attesting to the distinction, reputation and goodwill belonging exclusively to Tart Optical Enterprises, Inc.