Hello there, round-frame fanatics. You’re drawn to the iconic Tart P3 Fulvue Frame, with its classic round shape and exceptional comfort. But how can you tell if your frames are genuine? Fear not; we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore the features that set authentic Tart P3 Fulvue Frames apart from the wannabes.

Rivet Roundup

The Tart P3 Fulvue frame sports a single raised “arrow-head” shaped rivet on each temple and either side of the frame front, making it easy to identify among other frames.

Branding Bits

Keep an eye out for the OTE logo on the inside of the right temple and the bottom of the left lens of your P3 Fulvue frames.

Design Details

Tart P3 Fulvue glasses showcase a round lens shape and thick acetate frame. The keyhole nose bridge adds exceptional comfort and a secure fit. As Italian-made eyeglasses, they also feature high-quality 7-barrel hinges.

Manufacturer’s Mark

Since Tart manufactures the P3 Fulvue in Italy, look for the “Handcrafted in Italy” stamp on the inside of the left temple.

Sizing Scoop

Although the P3 Fulvue shares a round design with the T-Round, you can find its sizes on the frame back. The lens size (43mm or 45mm) is on the left, while the bridge width (always 24mm) is on the right. The P3 Fulvue has an arm length of 146mm.

Color Clues

Whether you opt for the standard or low-bridge fit, the P3 Fulvue is available in three classic colors:

  • Demi Olive
  • Demi Amber
  • Glossy Black

In conclusion, the P3 Fulvue Frame is a distinctive eyewear choice that combines both function and style. You can easily identify this iconic frame by understanding its key features, such as rounded lenses, keyhole bridge, and thick acetate construction.

So, whether you’re an eyewear enthusiast or simply seeking a pair of glasses that provide a comfortable and secure fit, the P3 Fulvue Frame is an excellent option. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently show off your genuine Tart P3 Fulvue Frames and enjoy their timeless appeal.

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