About TART Optical Enterprises, Inc.

TART Optical Enterprises, Inc., was founded in New York City 1948 by Julius Tart, an expert optician and legendary craftsman of iconic eyeglass frames. Throughout the years, his frames consistently reflect the fashionable demands of the high-end optical market while adhering to the most rigorous standards of quality and craftsmanship. 

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"These handmade frames are made in such a delicate way that every cut line is natural."

Mae Chong, Plussixfive

"All of these glasses are beautifully designed, and perfectly proportionally balanced"

The Peak Lapel

  • A person with a red headband wearing Tart Optical's frames.
  • A person wearing Tart Optical Frames.
  • A person with snow behind them wearing Tart Optical's classic eyewear.
  • A person wearing Tart Optical's frames.
  • A person in a car wearing Tart Optical's frames.
  • A person at a restaurant wearing Tart Optical's frames.