How To Identify The T-Round Frame

How To Identify The T-Round Frame

Hello, style aficionados. Are you looking to add the Tart T-Round Frame to your eyewear collection? This elegant and versatile sunglass frame is perfect for various face shapes and personal styles. 

But before you flaunt them, make sure they’re genuine. Follow this foolproof guide to identifying the real Tart T-Round Frame.

Lenses That Shine

The T-Round is a sunglass frame, so clear lenses are a no-go. Instead, it features signature CR-39 anti-reflective coating lenses that protect your eyes while keeping you oh-so-stylish.

Rivet Revelations

The Tart T-Round frame’s rivets resemble those of the F.D.R. frame. Look for three small dots forming a triangle. These smooth-to-the-touch rivets are consistent and visible outside the temples and the frame front.

Branding Bonanza

Authentic T-Round frames have the OTE logo on the inside of the right temple. As the only sunglass frame with the logo on the lens, you’ll find it subtly placed on the left lens, around the same level as the rivets. And let’s not forget the sturdy 7-barrel hinge.

Design Distinctions

The Tart T-Round frame is all about its round lens shape and signature keyhole bridge for that vintage appeal. The temples are slightly more curved than other Tart frames, but comfort remains uncompromised. The bridge resembles a six-sided trapezoid, like the Ex-Man and P3-Fulvue frames.

Manufacturer Mark

As Italian sunglasses, T-Round frames proudly display “Handcrafted in Italy” on the inside of the left temple.

Sizing Secrets

The T-Round comes in just one size, indicated on the inside of the left temple, not the frame back. Look for a 43mm lens, 26mm bridge width, and 146mm arm length.

Color Clues

The T-Round boasts three distinctive frame colors:

  • Tortoise
  • Glossy Black
  • Olive

And let’s not forget the green-tinted lenses—the only color you should see.

In summary, the Tart T-Round Frame is a perfect blend of elegance, timelessness, and versatility. Keep an eye on the lens, rivets, branding, design, manufacturer stamp, size, and color options to ensure you’re rocking a genuine pair. Once you’ve got the real deal, you’ll enjoy the signature style and quality that Tart Optical is famous for.

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