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Our Story

The Tart Story

We at Tart Optical Enterprises, Inc., have been manufacturing vintage eyeglasses and sunglasses since 1948, spanning almost a century. We were originally located at 135 West 27th Street, in the heart of New York City’s famed Garment District.

After 52 years in the eyewear business, Julius Tart, the original founder of Tart Optical Enterprises, Inc., decided to sell all of his ownership rights to the company name, brand names, designs and patterns to what is still known as Tart Optical Enterprises. Our company is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, at 21900 Burbank Blvd., Third Floor, Woodland Hills, California. We remain the one and only original “Tart Optical Enterprises, Inc.”, as evidenced by the following list of the trademarks in the United States, alone:

  • Reg. No. 3869604 - OTE Shield Logo
  • Reg. No. 5320009 - TART
  • Reg. No. 3859489 – ARNEL
  • Reg. No. 39554887 – F.D.R.
  • Reg. No. 6122156 – T-ROUND
  • Reg. No. 6122155 – COUNTDOWN
  • Reg. No. 6122153 – BRYAN

We also own numerous trademarks in many countries outside of the United States. Although some companies have attempted to portray themselves as manufacturers or authorized sellers of our eyewear, we are the only genuine Tart brand in existence.

Over the years, we are proud to have acquired incalculable distinction, reputation and goodwill belonging exclusively to Tart Optical Enterprises, Inc. Our frames are handcrafted in the United States and Italy and we use only the finest quality Italian materials. Given that each frame is made by hand using the best materials and highest quality of workmanship, we consider each to be an individualized and personal work of art.

Our frames have been the signature eyewear choice of high-profile celebrities for decades, and they have been featured in movies since the 1940’s. As a result of our distinctive frames, reputation, quality, and unique designs, we have been grateful to enjoy widespread popularity throughout the United States and the entire world.

Currently, you can find Tart Optical Enterprises, Inc., on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and our exceptional styles and exclusive designs are visible on our website, https://tartoptical.com. Our company goals include continuing our commitment to our stellar reputation, excellence in products and impeccable customer service. We hope to maintain and strengthen our niche in vintage eyewear by keeping the highest quality manufacturing standards for all of our US and Italian handcrafted frames. We also aim to increase our market expansion through stronger retail distribution while consolidating our wholesale network and further growing our presence to provide availability of our Brand in e-commerce, department stores and travel retail.