Depp 3
A page from Standard featuring Jeff Golblum wearing Tart Opticals vintage frames.
An image of a person wearing the T-Round Tart Optical Frame.
Goldblum 1
Depp 1
Depp 2
A person posing while wearing Tart Optical's classic eyewear.
A person sitting with a cane, wearing a pair of Arnel eyeglasses.
A page from Style Spy featuring Johnny Depp wearing the Arnel glasses.
A page from Stylograph Dossier featuring Jeff Golblum wearing classic eyewear from Tart Optical.
An image from a magazine featuring Tart Optical classic eyeglasses with an article that has the headline Frame Of Mind.
An image of a person standing next to a statue while wearing classic eyewear from Tart Optical.
A greyscale image of a person wearing Tart Optical frames.
A page from Stylograph Spotlight featuring Tart Optical's vintage frames.
A magazine page displaying Tart Optical glasses.
A page from a magazine featuring an article about Tart Opticals stylish eyewear.
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